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HOUSING AGENT is an ‘Uber-like’ experience for EXPATS when they relocate anywhere in the world

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We are a growing global community of multilingual professionals specialized in property rentals,
property buying and selling, relocation, international moving, mortgage advisory services and many more.
We promote real estate agents worldwide to serve the international expat community.

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Online presence promotes real estate agents worldwide to serve the international expat community the best way only agents can. We give you, the agent and agency, a platform where you can sell yourself and be seen by the people who really need to see you all over the world. Our website lets you enter your specialisations, languages spoken, professional background, and then gives you global exposure to clients looking to relocate to your area.


Added value

Agents specialised in:
Property rentals
Serviced apartments
Property selling
Property buying
Property management
Property investments
Relocation services
Mortgage advisory
Utility services and insurances
Furniture rentals and interiors


Domain name coverage BV acquired a set of over 300 domain names for global coverage and brand name protection.
Search for AGENTS around the world in one place. Local Experts, Global Presence. Profiles of agents with their language skills, verified profiles, social profiles, reviews, and their commission/fee structure. The search for your new home abroad starts with an agent.

About Us BV is a company specialised in real estate domain names and internet marketing. The company has acquired over 300 domain names all related to the “housing agent” and “real estate agents” terms. The Company was registered and founded (2001) in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. is live since April 15th 2018.

More information
  • 145 domains are strictly related to HOUSING AGENT, and also include new geoTLD’s.
  • The rest of domain names are closely related, e.g. HOUSING AGENCY, HOUSING AGENTS, HOUSING AGENCIES.
  • Till 2018 all domains have been in passive holding for a decade. In use since April 2018.
  • Registered trademarked logo in the USA, Canada, Europe, BeNeLux and Australia.
  • 151 matching Twitter User Names to each ccTLD and in use;